The biggest prize
in aerospace

Win two fascinating days of airborne and simulator flight training. The competition is open to you if you are a current full-time student in higher education in the UK or EU.

The prize

The science of aerospace at Cranfield University

Day One of the prize is based at Cranfield University where you will learn about the process of defining and delivering the aircraft, airport and airspace management of the future. Cranfield is the the only university in Europe with its own airport and runway.

Experience acrobatic flight in the slingsby firefly

A pre-flight briefing in conducted before strapping into the Slingsby Firefly for a unique hands-on flight experience. Experience rolls, stall turns and near zero gravity as our instructor puts the firefly through its paces. Take control and pilot the aircraft whilst learning more about aircraft dynamics as our instructor bridges the gap between class room theory and light aircraft flight.

Stage one flight simulator training session

Experience the thrill of take-off and landing a commercial airliner in Cranfield’s flight simulator. As a pre cursor for the second day our simulator instructor will guide you through the basic controls of a jet airliner, then take control and perform a take-off and landing in a large fixed base simulator. Can you land a 747 at your first attempt?

Tour Cranfield's 737 static teaching aircraft

Receive a guided tour of Cranfields 737 static teaching aircraft, which give the opportunity to see first-hand real aircraft components and systems with a guided tour of the operational cock pit and instruments.

Commercial airline training experience with British Airways

Day Two of the experience is hosted by British Airways Flight Training, which is the division responsible for providing aircraft type conversion courses and on-going training for BA flight crew.

Stage two flight simulator training session

Take control of a multi-million pound, full motion flight simulator. This is your opportunity to fly a Boeing flight simulator, normally reserved for the exclusive training of professional pilots. First you will be given a 30 minute pre-flight briefing including flight deck instruments, controls and systems. Once your training is complete you will be at the controls from take-off to touchdown, including start-up and shut-down.

Accommodation, travel and meals

Your Cranfield host will arrange travel between rail and bus terminals in Milton Keynes to Cranfield and British Airways . You will enjoy hotel accommodation for two nights in Milton Keynes city centre alongside relaxing evening meals with your host. Up to £200 travel cost will be reimbursed to cover your travel expenses within or to the UK.